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  • *PLEASE review our Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping page in regards to your personal effects!  Cars must be empty past Tacoma.

• * If a pickup truck or oversize SUV please include details such as size, extended cab, 4x4, shell, or diesel

• *If the vehicle exceeds 84” in overall height or 260” in overall length you will need to call with exact dimensions for a special quote.

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Keep the Following in Mind When You Ship Your Vehicle:

    Personal effects may only be shipped between Anchorage/Fairbanks and Tacoma.
        You cannot have personal items shipping inside your vehicle past the Port of Tacoma.  Your vehicle must be empty if it is traveling further than Tacoma.
          We must have an Empty Weight Slip as well as a Full Weight Slip.  We do not have scales here at our facility but if you call us, we’ll be happy to direct you to a nearby facility that can weigh your vehicle empty and full of belongings.

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