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  • *PLEASE review our Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping page in regards to your personal effects!  Cars must be empty past Tacoma.

• * If a pickup truck or oversize SUV please include details such as size, extended cab, 4x4, shell, or diesel

• *If the vehicle exceeds 84” in overall height or 260” in overall length you will need to call with exact dimensions for a special quote.


South - Anchorage to Seattle/Tacoma

10 Day Transit$1,095.00
6 Day Transit$1,195.00
*Personal Effects$75.00 Per 100 lbs

North - Seattle/Tacoma to Anchorage
(call in advance for booking number)

Passenger Vehicles Under 66 Inches In Height$1,655
Vehicles, 3/4 ton or less, over 66 inches in height (but not exceeding 84 inches in height or 260 inches in length), pickups, SUVs, and vans:$2,045
*Personal Effects$85.00 Per 100 lbs

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